About Us

Free Tree Society KL was started by a group of like-minded women on the 21st May 2012.

From Left to Right: Aishah Sinclair (Vice-President), Bettina Khan (Patron), Munirah Abdul Hamid (Treasurer), Surinta Abraham, Sharon Tan, Baida Hercus (President) and Zai Abdul Rahman (Secretary).

This society we have created is based on very simple principles – we take seeds, we sprout them, we look after the seedlings, then we give away healthy little plants to the public for free.

Through this act of giving away plants for free we hope to encourage a whole slew of other green goals and objectives.

We would like:

  • To increase and improve the suburban and city greenscape;
  • To educate people on the correct way to plant trees;
  • To increase peoples’ awareness of environmental holidays;
  • To encourage a love of local plants; and
  • To establish a dedicated plant society where like-minded city greenies can come together for the loveĀ of plants and grow and nurture seedlings in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Giveaway Days

All our planting activities are for giveaway days – we support local homeowners, schools, community gardens and other societies. Our goal is to share as many plants as we can for the benefit of the environment. The more we plant, the more we giveaway!

Our Environment

We tend to host giveaways in conjunction with environmental holidays to make these days more meaningful. Our environment is at the forefront of our thinking and we make a point to make our activities as sustainable as possible from using organic and natural fertilizes and repellents to collecting rainwater for watering our plants.


Free Tree Society Leaflet

Free Tree Society Leaflet

Free Tree Society is proudly supported by BRDB Developments Berhad.