Free Tree Society is a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer led and run. We rely on donations from corporations and the public to continue our work.

Our expenses are small but we do have a Wish List that stem from goals we would like to achieve to further inspire others to garden and lead green lives.

Our main running expenses currently include purchasing soil and polybags. Secondary to that are the costs involved in keeping our plants healthy. Lastly, we have to maintain our nursery grounds and maintain our premises.

Our Wish List includes:

– Tools & Equipment – better secateurs, regular supply of non-powdered latex gloves.

– Completing the landscaping works at our nursery which includes – install a handrail (RM400), addition of a second 1000L rainwater storage tank and gutter system (RM1500).

– Painting the premises (RM14000k).

– Taking our nursery off-grid and installing a small solar panel to generate electricity: Anyone know Elon Musk?


We also have 1 fund that requires financial support:

1) Kelak-Gelak is a tree fund created specifically to grow fruit trees for orphanages. Kelak-Gelak, which means ‘to laugh later’ enables children to plant the trees now and reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest later. The free trees from this fund will provide a continuous supply of fruits by creating fruit orchards in the homes of the disadvantaged children. Each grafted fruit tree costs approximately RM30.

We thank you for your kind support.

If you would like to make a donation, you may make an online transfer to Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur RHB 21427700060040. Kindly send us a copy of the bank-in slip via email for our records and  so that we can prepare a receipt. Thank you.