Green Academy

Green Academy

Join us for a lesson in our outdoor classroom! Dotted about our nursery are 20 infographic boards containing information on sustainable practices, gardening, and the environment. Suitable for adults and children alike!

Come by and learn fun facts presented in a simple format and suited to our tropical Malaysian climate!


FTS Library

We have a wonderful selection of books about gardening and the environment for both children and adults.

Visitors are welcome to browse and enjoy these books in our Sunshine Garden every Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9:30am.

Books range in topic from environment, nature, animals, gardening, landscaping, edible gardens, and general plant information.

We would gratefully accept donations of similar books to expand our selection.


Reading in the Sunshine Garden.


We have a range of beautifully illustrated books for children of all ages.


Book Review

What Planet Are You From?

… is a story told by Clarice Bean. She has to create a project about the environment with her school partner, Robert Granger. Clarice is a smart girl who cares about people and tries to tell everyone to stop damaging the environment, because pollution and rubbish is destroying the planet.

The book is telling you to recycle and also, don’t pollute the earth. This book is about helping the world for animal, plants, humans and all living things.

It’s a fun book that makes children feel like helping the environment is a fun thing.

I especially like the part when Robert tries to walk Clarice home… but luckily she is a really fast walker.

Zane Khan, age almost 11